Nantucket Vacation rentals: 9 things you should know before renting, # 9 - Leaving the Island
Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

Leaving Nantucket - How to ease your Pain...

Parting is such sweet sorrow
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In the words of William Shakespeare, “Parting is such Sweet Sorrow”. Leaving Nantucket can be traumatic and hectic. Your summer vacation is over, catching the ferry or airplane for your return home is taxing, leaving your rental home by 9:00 AM is almost impossible. In Nantucket during the summer months, most homes have a check out time of 9:00 AM on your turnover day. Please, be understanding of the check out time, and please remember that the 9:00 AM is selected so the home can be ready for the next renter..Remember, you would not appreciate arriving on Nantucket on the